Aiding, organizing and empowering Ventura County's indigenous immigrant communities
Aiding and empowering Indigenous Oaxacan immigrants in Ventura County.


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MICOP's anti-domestic violence and mental health outreach program


Please join us in learning the results of our survey of 1,000 indigenous immigrant women living in Ventura County. We are proud to have performed this study in partnership with UCLA's Center for Cancer Prevention and Control Research

Fielding School of Public Health and Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center.  We hope the results will be useful to you in your work.  Please also read the article below about the study.  Enjoy!

Survey results - click on the following link to download the:
Data from Needs Assessment Final Survey Results

Please download the matching poster to the results at: Building Mixtec Community Capacity to Address Breast Health

UCLA Fielding School of Public Health Magazine article: Speaking Their Language


The Mixteco-Indígena Community Organizing Project is fighting discrimination against indigenous people through our "No me llames Oaxaquita" campaign.  This centuries-old mistreatment of indigenous people has followed Oaxacans from Mexico to their new life in California.  Adults and children are regularly bullied in the schools and in the agricultural fields, called "Oaxaquita" or "indito" for their indigenous background. 

On May 17, 2012 MICOP held a press conference to publicly announce our efforts to reduce anti-indigenous discrimination. Members of our community bravely spoke about their experiences in dealing with this type of discrimination in schools and elsewhere. On May 23, 2012 the Oxnard School District adopted MICOP's Resolution for the Respect of Indigenous Peoples to ban the use of discriminatory words in the schools. The Rio School District will consider the resolution on June 7. To read our full resolution, please see below. The response from friends, supports and the press has been overwhelming. We are proud to bring this issue out of the closet and bring attention to this serious problem. We hope to hear from you if you would like to find out how you too can help bring social justice to our community! Please contact us by email at

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Resolution for Respect of Indigenous Peoples

For the School Districts of the Oxnard Plains

  • Whereas mutual respect for all cultures and ethnicities is a key to healthy communities;

  • Whereas student success and achievement is greatly enhanced in an environment which actively promotes such mutual respect and embraces cultural diversity;

  • Whereas 20,000 residents of Ventura County who speak Mixteco regularly face bullying and denigration of their culture and language through the use of words such as “Oaxaquita” and “Indito;”

  • Whereas the Mixteco-speaking population has come together through MICOP’s “No me llames Oaxaquita” campaign to combat such bullying and its effects on our young people;

Be it resolved that:

  • Our School District resolves to prohibit the use of the denigrating terms “Oaxaquita” and “Indito” in its institution. 

  • Our School District will promote a climate of cultural respect and diversity by supporting the formation of an anti-bullying committee consisting of administrators, teachers, students, parents and community members. This committee will monitor problems relating to bullying and will make recommendations for promoting a respectful environment.  It is anticipated and desirable that representatives from all ethnicities, cultural groups, and sexual orientations will participate in the district committee.

  • Our School District will promote Mexican Indigenous History within their curriculum.